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Discover Renewal and Hope at the Georgia Men’s Rehab

For nearly 60 years, Teen Challenge Christian rehab centers have been a beacon of transformation for countless individuals. We proudly stand as the world’s largest network of addiction recovery centers, with over 200 centers in the United States and more than 1,000 centers worldwide.

Our approach is different. Instead of seeing addiction as an incurable ailment, we dig deeper to understand its roots. We believe addiction often begins as a response to unmet needs or a sense of emptiness. We don’t settle for quick fixes. We aim for lasting change.

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People turn to addiction to fill voids in their lives – a need for love, success, forgiveness, belonging, acceptance, spiritual fulfillment, or purpose. These substances provide momentary relief but trap them in a cycle of dependency. We know quitting isn’t easy; withdrawal can be painful and life-threatening.

Once addiction takes hold, it can control every aspect of life, pushing individuals to desperate measures like theft or drug dealing. They need more substance to feel the same relief, leading to overdoses and self-destruction.

At the Georgia Men’s Rehab, we offer more than just recovery; we provide a chance for a better life. Join us on a journey toward lasting change, breaking free from addiction, and embracing a life filled with purpose and hope.

Without a new mindset and life focus to fill the void, the addict will repeatedly return to their addiction, ravaging their relationships, trustworthiness, career, finances, and physical and mental health. The addiction will utterly destroy them.

Discover Long-term Addiction Recovery at Our Christian Rehab

Our Christian rehab center takes a careful, unhurried approach to help you overcome addiction, which spans up to a year. Unlike quick-fix, costly rehab programs, we dig deep to address the real issues behind addiction.

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Ever wonder why some rehabs are so short? They aim for quick fixes to make everyone happy, but they often leave people stuck in addiction. They do this partly because insurance usually covers only the first 90 days. So, expensive rehabs keep people returning, causing chaos for addicts and their families. Addicts end up in a cycle of rehab, draining their family’s money and returning to their old habits.

But here’s the difference: Our nonprofit Christian rehab centers keep costs low. We focus on ensuring you or your loved one recovers for good, no matter how long it takes. Our community helps fund us, so we have the time to work with each person and truly transform their life. That’s why Teen Challenge programs are so successful. Join us on a journey to lasting change without financial stress.

Unlock Life Transformation in One Year with Addiction Recovery at Georgia Men’s Rehab

At Georgia Men’s Rehab, we believe in the power of a one-year addiction recovery journey that can truly change lives. The process begins with detox, a critical phase to free individuals from the grip of substances. This phase, which can span weeks or months, is conducted in a closely monitored and supportive environment to ensure safety during the potentially challenging withdrawal process.

Following detox, the real work of change commences. Lasting transformation doesn’t happen overnight but through consistent daily efforts over several months. Our program fosters an environment where residents confront their past behaviors, negative motivations, and mistakes, guided by our experienced staff and peers who have successfully navigated the journey. Through repetition and support, individuals learn to think and act differently, ultimately rebuilding themselves from the inside out. At Georgia Men’s Rehab, we offer a path to personal growth and a brighter future, empowering you to overcome addiction and embrace lasting positive change in just one year.

Rediscovering Hope:
The Power of Redemption

In the face of relentless struggles and repeated setbacks, individuals battling addiction find comfort in the realization that self-change can be tough, often clouded by feelings of not being good enough and guilt. So, right from the beginning of our program, we place great importance on turning to a “higher power.” We believe in the deep, life-changing impact of building a personal relationship with Jesus Christ for addiction patients. None of us can reshape our hearts, so we rely on our Creator to carry the burden of transformation. Christ and the Holy Spirit become constant companions, bringing peace, fulfillment, purpose, kindness, truthfulness, and a natural desire for purity and doing what’s right.

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At first, those struggling with addiction may feel weighed down by a sense of being beyond forgiveness, burdened by the harm they’ve caused. But when they realize that Jesus Christ accepts them as they are and forgives them without conditions, a bright new path unfolds before them. They once again feel deserving of moving forward, free from the heavy load of guilt, knowing that the Creator of the Universe has lifted it off their shoulders. A deep yearning awakens in them, urging them to seek forgiveness from others and to extend their hands in service. This is a crucial step forward. Through Christ, they find the strength and a strong desire to reconcile with those they’ve hurt. Surprisingly, those who witness the remarkable change in their demeanor and attitude are more than willing to forgive, bringing immense relief.

Rediscovering Honesty in the Addict’s Journey

For many struggling with addiction, dishonesty often surrounds their relationships with friends, bosses, family, and even themselves. Truth can become elusive, and taking responsibility for one’s actions often takes a backseat to shifting blame. However, our dedicated team, many of whom have faced addiction, understands this struggle deeply. We are here to facilitate a profound transformation that brings Christ into their lives and brings back the light of truth.

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The Georgia Men’s Rehab approach is rooted in empathy and understanding, delivered with tough love when necessary. We guide our residents towards a path of openness, revealing the real self hidden beneath layers of deceit. As they embark on this journey, they realize that the key to a fulfilling life is to let go of the constant burden of lies and embrace the freeing power of truth, all with the unwavering support of Christ by their side. Join us on this transformative journey toward honesty, redemption, and lasting recovery.

Living Change:
The Key to Life Transformation

In our Christian rehab center, we help men transform their lives after months of addiction. We guide them towards a better path with service, compassion, work, and purpose. They start with community service, finding humility and fulfillment in daily tasks. Working together, they support each other and stay accountable. Gradually, they shift to finding a meaningful job for life after rehab, and we assist them in launching this new chapter. It’s a journey from addiction to a brighter future, all within our caring program.

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Why Do Our Prices Stay So Affordable?

At Teen Challenge Christian rehab centers, our commitment to transforming lives is deeply rooted in community support. While we charge a modest tuition, it only covers a fraction of our operational costs. With nearly six decades of proven success, our community rallies behind our mission. Our track record speaks for itself as we consistently empower individuals once ensnared by addiction to emerge as vibrant, productive, and compassionate members of society. The overwhelming gratitude from our community is a testament to our impactful work.

In a Study by The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) on Teen Challenge Rehab Graduates

  • A year after completing the program, 92% of Teen Challenge rehab graduates reported feeling good to excellent health.
  • An impressive 86% of Teen Challenge rehab graduates stated they remained drug-free.
  • After finishing the program, 72% of Teen Challenge rehab graduates continued their education.
  • One year later, 75% of Teen Challenge rehab graduates had jobs, with 73% fully supporting themselves.

Compare these numbers with statistics of most other short-term rehabs, which are typically in the single digits!

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    Legal Trouble?

    We accept individuals who have been in trouble with the law or are in jail. Courts have allowed addicts time here instead of jail because they know how effectively our program can change hearts and lives completely.

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    Personal Growth

    We help the addict sprout new leaves and grow a new life, free of addiction and the pain that led them to their addiction. We are all about planting the seeds of new life and helping the individual grow into a new creature in Christ.

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    Vocationally Focused

    We teach humility, care, trustworthiness, and the traits of a good worker. We help the former addict find a new vocation and rebuild their future. Having a strong plan keeps the individual excited about life and self-supporting.


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