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Georgia Men’s Rehab 2023 Update

The Georgia Teen Challenge Rehab Campus

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Jason Prater
(Executive Director)

What’s Been Happening at Georgia Men’s Rehab

Teen Challenge Dublin GA is blossoming beautifully. We have 16 new students in the last two months that are here and still pressing in hard out of the 18 we got in. Our Teen Challenge Dublin is growing and continuing to put “Hope Within Reach.” We have recently graduated 5 students with two staying in re-entry and one as an intern. We are also preparing for the Holiday season and teaching the men about what holidays mean for them and how we are called to serve. We will be partnering with one of our board members to help cook and deliver Thanksgiving meals to the homeless and poverty-stricken people of the Dublin Community. 

As we just finalized our Gala season, we had the most profitable and successful one to date. Announcements were made about the exciting things happening here in Dublin. All people in attendance applauded and are excited for what is to come. We have raised all monies as well to be able to finalize our new Re-Entry initiative and move forward to what the future holds for our Christian drug rehab in Georgia. 

Teen Challenge Dublin Testimonies

Teen Challenge ga


“I am so very thankful for God, my family, and Teen Challenge GA. I have been set free from my addiction and renewed my relationship with my son.”



Teen Challenge gaClint

“I kept trying to run away from my addiction, but everywhere I went- It was there. As the Lord was leading me out of addiction, I started growing in patience and peace and my ability to love others as well as myself.”



Teen Challenge rehabKen

“I was in a dark place with no glimpse of hope… God opened a door for me to go to Teen Challenge rehab in Georgia and now I’m looking forward to what God has in store for my future!”


Teen Challenge rehabMatthew

“My life being weighed down by my drug addiction and sin. Because of the Teen Challenge rehab, God has blessed me with the restoration of my marriage to my beautiful wife Heather and my children. My relationship with God grows stronger every day. I am so thankful to God for finding me in my mess.”



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